Our system is used by the clothing supplier, the customer desiring the clothing and the wearer ordering the clothing.


Ecmanage is a platform with a multitude of possibilities – no matter what you require. The basic version of Ecmanage offers:

  • Ordering within a personal budget
  • Clothing packages
  • Own department hierarchies for clients
  • Validation during ordering
  • Various sizes
  • Returns policy
  • Clothing regulations
  • Reports and updates
  • Portal checklist


As well as the basic package, you can also order additional features such as:

  • Customized layout for each customer
  • Complaints module
  • Stock management
  • Address validation
  • Integration to ERP systems

Ordering within a personal budget


Take the fuss out of budgeting; we offer a personal budget system for each wearer and customer. Clients can log on and create orders themselves, whatever their budget.


Clothing packages


Who can order what? With packages, you can determine who can order what. You can design what each client sees on their order screen and determine what clothing is available to each individual wearer.

Your client gets his own department hierarchy


Small or big, Ecmanage enables your client to work structurally.

The company structure can be entered into the system by region, department and working groups. Information can be limited depending on the hierarchy of a company, with executives only seeing the wearers within their section.

Ordering limits


We can limit who can order what. For example, we can limit a company so that they can order:

  • One coat a year only
  • A maximum of three pairs of trousers from a choice of just three designs
  • A maximum of five shirts in one order

Size differences


In some cases, it may be necessary to produce clothing made to measure. For example, trousers may be required to be longer – this can be indicated during the ordering process. These requirements are then stored and given a code for future subsequent orders, if needed.

What adjustments are possible? The choice is yours! Just enter the code for each item to apply adjustments and individual needs.

Returning items and orders


In the event of a wrong delivery or order, the wearer can return the products. We offer a comprehensive system that shows how many items a customer is keeping in their possession and/or returning.

If a customer leaves their place of employment, we also have a system in place so that their uniform can be returned without hassle. This is especially important for workwear or labelled clothing.

Personal items


A clothing package is not always suitable for all employees – however, in many cases, employees use personal items such as hearing or fall protection. With Ecmanage, a made-to-measure item can be linked to the wearer – this means that when an item needs to be replaced, its exact specifications are ready and available in the system


Dress codes

Almost all organizations have a dress code – we make it possible for a wearer to stick to such regulations before placing the first order.

Dealer Module


Within Ecmanage, each client can be filed or registered in a particular manner. However, occasionally it may be easier to create an area for various clients. This is possible with the dealer module.


With the dealer module, one product range can be managed for various clients.

Updates and reports


Within the basic standard features, Ecmanage offers various reports to help clients understand the system.


It is also possible to export email addresses in order to inform clothing carriers.

Online Payment


Instead of wearers or clients ordering through a budget it is also possible to use the online payment module where a person can pay directly through PayPal, credit card or iDEAL.

Portal checklist


The portal checklist allows the supplier to check whether the client portal has been set up correctly for the customer.

Add-on Modules

Extra: Customized system


Ecmanage is an internet application and has several standard templates which can be adapted to your client’s appearance -even the website and email communication is adaptable. This can include a client’s logo and a personal or customized URL.

Extra: Complaints registration module

Ecmanage has developed an additional complaints registration module, an exclusive add-on from the standard features of the system.


Extra: Project and cost center module

It is possible to link orders to projects or cost centers.

With this additional module, the person placing the order is required to give additional information. Through management modules available for this purpose, projects or cost centers can be maintained. By using a final date it is possible to also keep a periodic overview.


  • User-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Less administrative hassle
  • All online
  • Wearer orders himself
  • Order within a budget
  • Compatible with all ERP systems
  • Customization
  • Instant reports/overview
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Adaptable to your in-house style
  • Available in several languages
  • ISO / IEC 27001 certified